how to use cleansing sponge

how to use cleansing sponge


I can't make a foam with a face sponge, and it disappears after rubbing it, as if it has been absorbed by the sponge. Does anyone know how to use it?

how to use cleansing sponge
1: Wet the sponge with water and add facial cleanser

2: Rub gently, and a rich foam will appear immediately

3: Then apply the foam to the cheeks and massage gently for one minute (carefully take care of the eyes, nostrils and mouth)

4: Rinse with clean water again.
"Should you use your face to wash your face?" Personally suggest that if it is not sensitive skin, you can still consider using it, but not from start to finish It is to first rub the face with the facial cleanser by hand, the scrubbing method is mainly in circular circles, from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside After washing, use a facial puff to wash off the facial cleanser, so that washing is cleaner than washing with a towel, comfortable and gentle Of course, the face flap should be washed frequently to avoid sticking to more bacteria than towels, which will cause skin infections. And when choosing a face flutter, don't pick those with rough surfaces, so as not to rub too much on the skin and cause damage. The best suggestion is to wash your face with running water, so that it will not cause cross-infection and take away the dirt and bacteria in time. finally. Need to be disinfected regularly~~~