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Are there any promotions?

When will the company have preferential activities?Every year, May 31st is the anniversary of the company's founding. A one-week discount will start on this day。Is the company's discount strong?We will spend 20% of our profits every year as an anniversary event

Do you provide samples for free?

Under what circumstances provide free samples?1. If the customer is willing to pay the freight2. The sample is relatively small3. Customers have order intentions

What is MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) ?

What is MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) ?Our MOQ is very flexible, can start as low as 5 pairs (mixed styles).

About our product shipping

During the epidemic, the advantages of cross-border e-commerce have further emerged. China’s series of measures to support the development of cross-border e-commerce have stimulated market vitality. Cross-border e-commerce has become China’s new foreign trade business with the fastest growth, the greatest potential, and the strongest leadership. . Strengthen the connection between China and the Asia-Pacific and European markets A new route is added from the FedEx Asia-Pacific Transit Center in Guangzhou, China to the FedEx Charles De Gaulle Airport Transit Center in Paris, France. The return journey will stop at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan four days a week, and it will stop at Singapore Changi Airport one day a week. , Adding a total of 10 flights to and from Europe every week for customers in China and the Asia-Pacific region. Support the growing export demand from the U.S. in the Asia-Pacific region Benefiting from strong export demand from major trading partners, the economies of China, the United States and major Asian economies have begun to pick up. Another trans-Pacific route newly opened by FedEx operates five days a week. Flights departing from Taipei stop in Hong Kong and Anchorage, to Indianapolis, and return to Taipei after stopping in Anchorage. This route enhances the cargo capacity between the Asia-Pacific and North American markets, and further accelerates the trade between major logistics centers in Asia and the United States. Widebody fleet makes FedExAlmost doubled the capacity of the Southeast Asian market In addition to the new intercontinental routes, FedEx has also replaced the Boeing 757 narrow-body freighter with the Boeing 767 wide-body freighter by renewing its own fleet to enhance the capacity of the regional aviation network in Asia. Relying on FedEx’s existing operational strength, the 767 Freighter can provide a maximum payload capacity of close to 60,000 kg while improving fuel efficiency by 38%. This has almost doubled FedEx’s freight capacity to regional markets in Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, and supports Chinese customers in efficiently seizing business opportunities in the Southeast Asian market.

What are the industry standards and national standards for the implementation of cosmetics?

1. In terms of attributes, national standards are promulgated by the state (National Standardization Management Committee), and industry standards are formulated and promulgated by various ministries, industry associations, a certain field or a certain alliance.2. In terms of content, industry standards are stricter than national standards, and national standards are the lowest threshold for standards.3. In terms of application objects, industry standards are used for technical barriers or regional market access, while national standards are widely used within the country.National standards refer to standards that are of great significance to the country's economic and technological development and need to be formulated with uniform technical requirements across the country. National standards are applicable nationwide, and other standards at all levels must not conflict with them. National standards are the main body in the four-level standard system.Industry standards refer to standards formulated for technical requirements that do not have national standards but need to be unified within a certain industry across the country. The industry standard is a supplement to the national standard, and it is a professional and technical standard. The formulation of industry standards must not conflict with national standards. After the national standards are announced and implemented, the corresponding industry standards shall be abolished.

About the packaging of makeup puffs

High transparent PVCHigh-definition transparent appearance, flat cut and no burrs, environmentally friendly material, no pollution to the environment Interface technology The interface ultrasonic technology has smooth cogging, mature craftsmanship, beautiful appearance, and strong practicability Bottom process Use high-quality back cover, the mold curling edge is smooth, no protrusion, not easy to be deformed, and convenient for packaging